The International Summer Camp of the Order of Malta for disabled youth is an annual meeting under the auspices of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Since the first ISC in Austria 32 years ago, Poland has hosted two Camps: in 1996 and 2006. Now, for the third time, we are proud and happy to welcome you again.

From 13th to 20th August 2016, over 500 people from all over the world are going to meet again in the “Radosna Nowina 2000” campus near Kraków. We hope that this great location, right on the banks of the majestic Vistula river, will become a second home for all of you during those joyous days.

The motto of the XXXIII ISC in Poland is “One for all and all for one”. This musketeer-inspired phrase is a nod towards our French friends, hosts of the Camp 2015. Also, it reflects solidarity, brotherhood and unity – values that in our troubled Polish history have played very important roles and are still with us today.

However, the most important are the Guests, the young disabled, who are given not only fun, games, integration and discos but also unity in prayer, thought and discussion.



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Camp venue: Centrum Edukacyjne "Radosna Nowina 2000"

Address: Piekary 2, 32-060 Liszki

Let us show you the venue of the camp

The International Summer Camp 2016 is organised under the auspices of the Order of Malta Poland.The institution in charge of this project is:

Fundacja Polskich Kawalerów Maltańskich w Warszawie POMOC MALTAŃSKA

Address: 00-730 Warszawa, ul. Jazgarzewska 17 lok.54

Nr KRS 0000174988

NIP 525-22-92-602

REGON 015610149

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Bank Name: PKO Bank Polski


Account Owner: Fundacja Polskich Kawalerów Maltańskich w Warszawie POMOC MALTAŃSKA

Account in PLN: PL 53 1020 1156 0000 7102 0130 5994

Account in EUR: PL 07 1020 1013 0000 0802 0334 6269

Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out through

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